Thumpy Banjo #18 – sold

Five string banjo, short-scale nylon strung fretless. Has very, very subtle fret markers to aid in way finding around the fingerboard. Fret markers may be tough to see in the photos. Great for clawhammer and finger-style parlor music. Plays well in common old-time tunings like A, C, D, and G. Will also go down further than G, plays well in F and B-flat. This particular Thumpy Banjo features a 12″ rim with a renaissance head. Has extra hard tension nylon strings. Very articulate for a fretless nylon strung banjo. Rim features a bearing edge, no tone-ring.

Thumpy Banjo #18 as seen from the front.
Detail photo of the neck showing flush fret markers
Close up detail view of the neck showing flush fret markers
Back view of Thumpy Banjo #18
Close up of nylon strings as they attach to the tail of the instrument
  • Walnut neck, non-adjustable carbon fiber reinforced
  • Gotoh 2-band tuners
  • 12″ maple rim
  • 22.25″ scale length
  • Indian Laurel fingerboard