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Thumpy #17 – sold

Thumpy Banjo #17 as seen from the front. The fretless neck features fret markers that are flush with the surface of the fingerboard.

Thumpy Ultra-Light Precision Pro Minus

What is a Thumpy Banjo Anyway? Thumpy Banjos are short-scale, nylon-strung, fretless, open-back banjos. They are a slightly different animal than steel strung open-back banjos. The short scale length can be helpful with shoulder fatigue. The fretless feature facilitates certain playing styles. The nylon strings, IMO, make it easier to get clean notes from a fretless fingerboard and they have a mellower tone than steel strings.

Thumpy 17 Demo
The front view of the neck of Thumpy Banjo #17 featuring flush frets.

What’s so Ultra-Light about it? This banjo weighs 3 pounds and 9.8 ounces. As banjos go, that’s light!

What’s precision about it? This fretless banjo has fret markers that are set flush with the fingerboard. This gives the player the best of both worlds, the sound and feel of fretless with the precision of a fretted banjo. As a long-time fretless player, this feature emboldens me to play stuff up the neck even in performance setting.

What’s minus about it? This banjo features a deep thumb scoop. These can be a great comfort feature for some players.

Thumpy banjo thumb scoop
The back view of Thumpy Banjo #17
The back view of the neck of Thumpy Banjo #17
Thumpy Banjo #17 strings through the rim
  • Walnut neck with Indian Laurel fingerboard
  • carbon fiber reinforced neck (non-adjustable)
  • Nickel hardware including Gotoh 2-band tuners and geared fifth peg
  • 11″ multi-ply maple rim with bearing edge
  • 22.25″ scale length
  • Weight: 3 pounds, 9.8 ounces
  • Strings through the rim