Wild Thang – sold

Front of the Thumpy Wild Thang banjo

This banjo has super heavy tension nylon strings that provide plenty of thump and snap in the short-scale format. Plays well in most standard old-time banjo tunings like A, C, D, and G. The short-scale makes for a very comfortable playing experience. 11″ rim also contributes to comfort. “Hoop on stick” construction opens up the low end for maximum thumpiness. The neck is hand carved from lightly flamed maple and features a Bocote fingerboard with brass overlay.

A few details:

  • 22.5″ scale length
  • Wide fingerboard – 1 & 3/8 inches at the nut
  • 11″ rim
  • Rim is about 3″ deep including tone ring
  • Renascence head
  • Lightly flamed maple neck and stick
  • Bocote fingerboard
  • Plain maple rim with Walnut rim cap
  • Plain rolled brass tone ring
  • Brass tension hoop, brass shoes
  • Nickel hooks and nuts
  • Gotoh planetary tuners
  • No-knot tailpiece
Back of the Thumpy Wild Thang banjo
Front profile of the neck
Back profile of the neck showing the carving around the fifth peg