Thumpy #4 – sold

The front of a five string banjo
Thumpy #4

A few words from the owner:

Bob, just wanted to thank for you for Thumpy #4. It very easily became my favorite banjo, despite my having a fretless and half fretless that I like as well. Of course it is a thing of beauty – the carved neck and the two toned pot are lovely, and that is one fast neck! But it solves a lot of clawhammer problems for me. The tension of the nylon strings helps a lot with getting the sound I want. I also really like the short scale. At my age holding a long neck can be cumbersome and cause shoulder ache, and while a strap helps this banjo doesn’t need one – it’s kind of a sportscar of banjos, with no sacrifice of sound. So I’m really happy with it. Make more!

David Johnson
Associate Professor Emeritus, retired
School of Performing Arts
Virginia Tech

Here are the details:

  • nylon strung w/ hard tension strings – not floppy at all
  • Katalox fingerboard
  • carbon fiber reinforced walnut neck
  • 12″ steam bent maple rim
  • rim is about 2.75 inches deep (including tone ring)
  • rolled brass tone ring
  • renaissance head
  • Pegheds geared tuning pegs (love, love, love, these pegs)
  • no-knot tailpiece
  • 22.5 inch scale length
  • fretless
  • custom “bing-less” bridge (bing-less, not bing-free)
  • raw brass tension hoop and shoes
The back of a five string banjo
The back of Thumpy #4
Detail of the neck carving on Thumpy #4
Detail of the neck carving on Thumpy #4
a banjo bridge with four holes and one slot under the fifth string
The “bing-less” bridge has a gap under the fifth string for reduced bing